Ri-Cipe: Panclocks

4C Baking mix (Bisquick)
1T baking powder
1.5T sugar
1.5C Almond milk
.5C h2o
2 eggs
.5T vanilla
.5C chocolate chips if desired (5 chocolate chips/panclock)
Fresh, frozen, or canned fruit to go on top!

Try em!

Preheat griddle to medium
1. Wash those hands

2. Combine first seven ingredients until dry ingredients are wet. Leave it lumpy

3. Use an ice cream scoop to ‘pour’ uniform pancakes onto the hot griddle. Add 5 chocolate chips to each pancake (or however many you lil heart desires)

4. When the bubbles on the pancake start to pop, check the cooked side for golden brown color. Flip once it’s ready

5. Repeat until batter is gone!

6. Let leftover panclocks cool and place in a zip top bag and refrigerate

7. Top with fruit instead of syrup! Day one I had no fresh fruit, so I cooked down some frozen strawberries with a peach fruit cup. It was delicious! Day 2 I had fresh strawberries and bananas and cut them up to eat with my panclocks…mmm! Easy and kid-friendly =)


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