Ri-Cipe: Baked Alaska

As in, it comes out of the oven and is not gloriously flambéed…

Box cake mix of your choice (prepared as directed in 8″ or 9″ cake pan)
1.5 quarts of ice cream, also of your choice
6 egg whites
3/4 C white sugar
1/8t cream of tartar

Necessary hardware
Cake round, pie pan, or both
Bowl or container with a slightly smaller circumference than the cake pan
Hand(or stand) mixer…because making a meringue with a whisk is unnecessary
Baking sheet

Use room temperature egg whites to decrease whipping time (opposite of whipped [Oh, Fifty] cream)
Don’t waste food! Use only one of the two cake rounds in this recipe if you want to have leftover cake during the week. Frost the leftover half if you want!
Meringue is made for dessert; merengue is made for…dance floors

Get your cruise ship on!
Always start with clean hands.
Preheat oven to 425*F
**Bake that cake ahead of time**

1. In a [mixing] bowl that is smaller than your cake pan, cross two pieces of plastic wrap so that the ends hang off like a +

2. Add your ice cream and squish down to form to the bowl. Cover the top (eventually bottom) with excess plastic wrap and FREEZE (This is a good part to do ahead of time to ensure really cold ice cream, but I did it as I went along and it worked just fine)

3. This is where the cream of tartar comes in. Get ready to whip some egg whites! You’re going for stiff peaks. Don’t add the sugar right away. (Can there be anymore Grey innuendos?)

4. Once you have a cooled cake and frozen ice cream ‘disc,’ get ready to assemble your most amazing baking feat! =) You better let the world know that you have the ability to bake ice cream and keep it frozen!

5. Choose your hardware. (This time, I used a pizza sheet and laid the cooled cake in the center then built up…My first time, I made do with what I had–a pie pan)

6. Top your cake with the aforementioned ice cream ‘disc’ then generously slather the stack with meringue and be sure to close all sides, as this is what keeps the ice cream from melting. Once the whole thing is sealed, make a pattern with the meringue.

7. Bake in the preheated oven until golden. Around 8 minutes. Don’t do it too long or else you’re risking a hot, melty mess. **You can also freeze it at this point-instead of bake it

8. Serve immediately and feel pleased with yourself for trying something so Cool (Right?)


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