Blue Jean Blues

ZZ Top and Lana del Rey famously mentioned blue jeans in songs of theirs and Lana sure makes them seem incredibly sexy and cool. Need proof? Watch this. Granted, I know this song has very little to do with blue jeans, but you get my point. Despite the fact that I love this song and Lana like no other, I hate wearing them. Now before you think I’m insane, let me say this, I get it. I know blue jeans are a staple for everyone’s closet and they come in super handy for me when I’m in a rush to get dressed and need to put something together quickly, but still, they bore me. I do however, have a deep love for colored jeans and even more, printed jeans. Oh, how I love prints!

Here are a few of my favorite pairs of jeans from Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal and Forever 21.

I’ve been told that I just haven’t found ‘the one’ pair of blue jeans, and maybe that’s true, but for now, I stand my ground. =)


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