Hyped Up

I had the pleasure of attending Launch‘s kickoff event Monday night at Hot Italian. Events like Launch are what make me proud of Sacramento and our community. Model Citizens NYC collaborated with Launch for the event and needless to say, I was blown away. There’s something special about walking into a room full of creative energy and people, it’s inspiring, motivating and fun.

Maria Serquen and me at Launch x Model Citizens NYC

All of the art featured was amazing but Design Hype‘s Metro Cuffs were my favorite pieces because I have never seen anything like it before. Not only do they look cool and fresh, but they’re useful too. Design Hype’s website says, “Our Metro Cuff series helps locals and tourists alike feel comfortable navigating the subway system with an inconspicuous gesture, just like checking a watch. The subway lines, numbers, and streets are embossed into the surface of the metal.” New York, Paris, London, Milan and Chicago were on display Monday and I can’t wait to buy one… or two. Okay, maybe all of them. =)

Photo: Design Hype

Photo: Design Hype

Photo: Design Hype

Photo: Design Hype


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