These are fun for those who only like vanilla cupcakes because they are so colorful but still taste like “plain vanilla” You need 1 boxed cake mix and a small bowl for each color you want to use.
1 box cake mix (choose white or vanilla for best color results)
[[prepare cake mix as directed]]
Food coloring
Fruit extract (optional for multi flavors)
Waschen Sie Ihre Hände
Preheat the oven to whatever temp the box says and line twenty-four cupcake molds
1. Prepare the cake mix as directed
2. Separate the batter into as many bowls as needed for colors you choose (5-6 max)
3. Add food coloring to each bowl and stir until its the color you want it to be. Also add some lemon or orange extract to certain batters if you want to flavor the cupcake
4. Add about a teaspoon of each colored batter to the cupcake pan and swirl a figure eight with a butter knife after each three or so batters
5. Bake as directed. Cool and then frost!



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