Eight Things FashionistaJR Loves Today

I’ve recently started a new weekly segment titled ‘Eight Things I Love Today’.  I wanted to use this segment in the way that one utilizes a mood or inspiration board, and because I am inspired by so many places, people and things, I wanted to allow others to guest post on this segment.  This week, Jenny of A Fashionable Paradise is today’s guest blogger.



I’m Jenny, also sometimes simply called @FashionistaJR— both when blogging on A Fashionable Paradise as well as when I’m tweeting! I’m incredibly passionate about fashion, as I find it to be an art form where my opinions on it are endless. Other things I love are music, books, good food, and dancing. Random things I adore include good high heels, cupcakes, English terms, and more. Take a look at eight things I’m loving!

1. China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Line
Being a lover of Cirque du Soleil, I’m beyond excited for Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away to hit theatres on December 21st. Even better is that China Glaze has come out with this line inspired from the movie! I find the colours to be both basic as well as some being quite unique.

2. Weekly Quote:
Just this week, I was telling someone to always remember that one person can have an affect– that if they want changes in the world, one person does contribute and such a thing can be a start. It’s very easy to forget that as one person, we can influence other people. We may not all be celebrities and reach millions, but even one thing is something, and that is where it begins. Let the good within yourself have a domino effect on the world and take pride in knowing you contributed.

3. Red Hair Inspiration
Between having plans to dye my hair red this month, recently doing a post on it, and wanting it for 12 years, I embrace every photo of red hair. Earlier this year there was a sudden increase in those dyeing their hair red, and I fully encourage it! I love this particular photo because it, to me, feels like a good colour for someone not wanting bright red hair- such as myself- yet still wants it clearly red. I also love the curls and razzle of the photo.

4. U.S. Travel
I’m very much an experiential person. So many love receiving the latest electronic device, but I love experiences: food, travel, music. I always associate the most beautiful places in the world with being outside of the U.S, though I have yet to visit those places. However, to see photos such as this- which is in Multnomah Falls, Oregon- makes me happy. I love to know that such pretty and relaxing places are within the same country. It also opens my eye to more.

5. Judith Leiber Cupcake Clutch
This clutch by Judith Leiber has not only been in SATC, but also in the first season of 2 Broke Girls(which I love)! Despite being a lover of fashion, I’ve always been a heels over purse girl. Honestly, I find carrying a purse to be a bit of a pain, and I also am very picky with styles; however, I adore this clutch, especially because I’m such a big fan of cupcakes. This is just exquisite.

6. Music Is My Boyfriend Shirt
I’m not a T-Shirt girl. I dress up because it feels comfortable to me. But, this shirt is an exception. I’d wear it in a heartbeat. I love music and I love simply the message of this shirt. Complete win right here.

7. Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies
Baking helps me to relax, and I think holiday baking is so much fun! These peanut butter reindeer cookies were one of the more original recipe ideas I’ve stumbled across on Pinterest. They look great.

8. Coldplay ‘Paradise’ Lyrics
Paradise by Coldplay is, I’d be willing to say, my all-time favourite song. Me choosing my number one favourite song is a lot coming from me. I find the song gorgeous in every sense. But, this visual of part of the song lyrically is so, so pretty. I adore it.
Jenny8(Images courtesy of Pinterest)


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