Eight Things Ready… Dressed… Go Loves Today

This week’s Eight Things contributor is the wonderful Ready… Dressed… Go.  Be sure to check out this lovely gal’s blog and follow her on Twitter!

CC Skye Bella Crossbody Bag : I love a crossbody bag. I don’t want to have to worry about wear my purse is, or if it’s going to slip off my shoulder. Also, you have easy access to your cash and stuff when it’s right in front of your torso. My usual everyday bag is a Dickies brand Mail Carrier pouch, which is a crossbody as well, but I would like something a bit dressier. I have a vintage satin black crossbody bag that I wore yesterday and it’s so tiny, it honestly only held my keys and phone. This CC Skye bag looks like it could fit a lipstick and wallet as well.


A 1930s fur cape/wrap: I have a Gala to go to in 2 weeks and I’m wearing an OUTSTANDING beaded gold gown.  Since i live in michigan and it’s freezing as freaking hell, I need something warm to go on top of it, that is going to look classy like a boss. Hence, this. I love the shape, the coverage, and everything about it. I have no idea where it is to purchase, but if I ever see it on anyone, I will steal it off their back. And that is a promise.

Chocolate Cake from Tavern on Rush, Chicago: I had this cake the evening my husband and I got engaged. Every year since, we go back and recreate that evening, getting a giant piece of this massive ridiculous chocolate cake to share. You honestly cannot eat a piece in one sitting, it is marvelously delicious, but so rich and powerful, it makes Donald Trump look like a Necco Wafer. I love to pour espresso over it. It additionally moistens the cake and warms the chocolate ganache into this gooey expanse of heaven. It’s wonderful to take the rest back to The Drake and then eat it after the next evening meal cross-legged on the hotel bed, watching SVU.

Enzo Angiolini ‘Tanen’ Pump: This is my “working” shoe. i just learned that it is giving me 6.5” of additional height, whoa! that is crazy! but it’s comfortable, and feels like it was molded specifically for my foot. I love a shoe that puts the angle of your foot at a certain degree. I can just feel that it is correct, and this shoe does it. It’s gorgeous, goes with everything. I wore them all day yesterday and had no need to complain. I just wanted to kiss them after I took them off at night.

Coconut Oil: I looooooove this stuff. It is marvelous and is wonderful for my skin as a moisturizer. I can use it to take off eye makeup. I put it on my entire body after a shower. It’s great for deep conditioning hair as well. And when modeling, putting some on your arms and legs gives a wonderful sheen for the camera. Oh yeah, and you can also cook with it.

My new Vintage Cashmere Camel colored coat: I was out vintaging this weekend, wasn’t even looking for coats, and the collar of this jacket caught my eye. I opened the jacket to see the size and saw a giant label that said “100% cashmere”.  Oh lawd, hit the lottery. I felt the lovely nap of the fabric and went into a dream fugue that filled my heart with a joy I haven’t known since the birth of my children. It fit perfectly and of course I bought it. (Seriously, did you have to ask?)

False Eyelashes: I looooooove a false eyelash. I wear them ALL THE TIME. I mean, just a touch of natural makeup, glue those lashes on and then POW!!  You just look fabulous. It opens your eyes, it makes you happy, it opens all the doors of opportunity for you in the world. there is nothing better. Wear them every day.

Colored Tights/Leggings: I love dresses and skirts and I want to wear them all year ’round, and I want to play on the floor with my kids in them, and I just love color, so obviously I love colored tights and leggings. I wear a lot of dresses in unique prints and colors, so it’s fun to play that up with a contrasting colored tight/legging. Let’s not confuse this with patterned tights, I ABHORE those. Wearing a lovely legging, with a gorgeous vintage dress and some sky-high boots, you will be looking ahhhh-mazing!!
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