Eight Things The Sun Queen Loves Today

This week’s Eight Things contributor is the wonderful Brigett.

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I graduated from UCSD with a B.A. in Art History/Theory and Criticism. I have always been an art advocate and therefore fashion enthusiast! I am currently the editor of Sacramento Fashion Week and believe that most of all fashion should be fun and I express my belief through my royally fun blog titled “The Sun Queen”. The motto of my blog is “one crown fits all” because I believe we can all proudly fill the title of “queen” or “king”.

Here are eight things I’m loving today:

1. Puns
I like to consider myself a punny person. That’s why I read Modcloth.com for their fabulous clothing descriptions nad Ricekty rack.com for their punny clothing titles. Reading them everyday takes some of the edge off of life for me.
2. A Cup of Sprinkles
One of my favorite things about going to my great grandmother’s house was that no matter how low she was on money, she always filled up her little sprinkle jar.  This little bottled color was a visual feast for my color hungry eyes.  Now that I’m an adult, when I go to yogurt shops like Cultive Frozen Yogurt, I fill half my cup with sprinkles to enjoy a little cup of nostalgia now and then.SunQueen2

3. The Dark
Isn’t it funny how you can have the directions to your friend’s house memorized but as soon as the sun dips and the moon rises all of a sudden you can’t find your way?  The dark changes the way we perceive things.  Darkness conjures up a variety of things in my mind including: death, romance and spirits.  But what really fascinates me about being in the dark is how much my other senses are heightened making me experience the world without the sense I rely on the most: my eyes. 

4. Period’s in Time
For me a movie doesn’t have to be well written for me to enjoy it.  Bad acting? WHO CARES! Horrible plot line? AWESOME.  If it does even a halfway decent job of conveying a time period, I’m hooked.  So it’s no wonder I loved the movie Midnight in Paris. 😉 
5. Tim Burton’s ‘Boxing Bunny’ / Tim Walker for Harper’s Bazaar 2009
Being a Pinterest, Polyvore and overall image junkie, I’ve seen a lot in my time.  But THIS image out of all images inspires me the most.  The imagery is spectacular!  The path beneath it makes it seem like you (the viewer) were following him, and the rabbit all of a sudden noticed you.  Ah!  And there is drama in the clouds, and the grass that is only green in a radius around the rabbit is so didactic!
6. Fish
I love fish, but not just to eat it.  Beta fish, as feisty as they can be, are still so incredibly beautiful.  It looks like they have folkloric skirts on.  I like to imagine that if I were a fish, I’d be an iridescent blue one
7. Blue
I’ve gone through the pink color phase, green (which lasted the longest) and am currently obsessed with blue.  It’s my ‘blue period’ (get it??).  I love it because not only does it remind me of my two favorite things: the sky and the ocean, but it has been dubbed as the most rare color found in nature.
8. South West Flare
I can never decide on how to dress, but dressing with a South West flare is a ‘must’ in my wardrobe.  Whether it’s a bird skull ring, cowgirl kicks, a poncho or cactus earrings, when you see me you will always win ‘Western I Spy’ when looking at my wardrobe.  It’s strange because I recently realized that my mom’s side of the family were ranch owners in Mexico!  Perhaps that’s where I get my ache for flair.
SunQueen8(all images: Pinterest)


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