Eight Things Stilettos & Sequins Loves Today

This week’s Eight Things is brought to you on behalf of Stilettos & Sequins.

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I started Stilettos & Sequins in September 2011, right when I started graduate school – I’ll be finishing up my MBA this May! I personally feel that what you wear has a huge impact on your mood. When I’m wearing an outfit I love, I feel like I’m less bothered by stupid, little things. This blog, for me, is a creative outlet and it’s my passion. In the process, I’ve been introduced to a lot of other lovely fashionistas and that’s just the added bonus!

1. Nail Stickers
I am obsessed with nail stickers. I’ve tried a few different brands – Sally Hansen, OPI and Nail Rock – and the Sally Hansen ones are THE absolute best. They are extremely easy to apply and very durable, and they have so many fun designs! Two of my favorite designs are Love Letter and Check It Out.
2. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel
I dream of this bag on a regular basis. It’s a gorgeous piece of work and very versatile. Unfortunately, I am currently a full-time student so this is slightly out of my budget but a girl can dream, right?
SS23. Vine
That’s right – the new Twitter app that lets you upload 6-sec video clips. I have an Android phone so I suppose I’ll have to wait till I can get it but I’ve been seeing these clips all over Twitter and I kind of think it would be a lot of fun. Have you guys tried it yet?
4. The New Normal
This is my new favorite show! It’s about a gay couple, their surrogate, and the surrogate’s daughter and grandmother – and their co-existence as a family! It’s funny, charming and has its heart-warming moments. Have y’all watched it?
5. Brunch Parties
I remember days when I used to go out at midnight and get back at 7 am, watching the sun come up. Well, those days are long gone – I can’t stay up that late anymore. Fortunately, I was recently introduced to the concept of brunch/day parties – which is apparently a huge trend now! These day parties are amazing, you guys! I went to one in NYC and when I walked in the door at 3:30pm, this is what it looked like –
6. Roger Vivier Le Smoking
Frieda Pinto wore these amazing Roger Viver sandals to the SAG Awards and I was drooling at the very sight of them. So, I went on a hunt for them and I found out that they’re Le Smoking sandals from the Fall 2012 collection. I couldn’t find anywhere where they could be bought – not that I can afford them – but they’re just so dreamy to look at, no?
7. #ThrowbackThursday
I’m a social media addict and, lately, I’ve been partaking in TBTs on Instagram every week. I love it because I sift through so many old pictures to find “the one” each week and it brings back such beautiful memories!
SS58. Bubble Necklace
As much as I love J. Crew stuff, I think it’s ridiculously over priced. Their bubble necklace is a primary example – at $150, I think it’s a rip off. That’s not to say, however, that it’s not pretty and enticing. During a recent mall trip, I found a look-a-like for under $13 at Charlotte Russe, and bought it right away!


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