Eight Things Xio Loves Today

This week’s Eight Things is brought to you on behalf of Xio of the blog Pumps and Lipstick.

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San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneurial urbanite and FIDM graduate student, Xiomara (pronounced see-oh-mar-uh), currently resides in Oakland, CA. Her mother always told her to dress her best. And when she dresses her best, she feels her best on the inside. Although growing up, she figured out that it takes more than looking good to feel good. That’s where personal development and motivation chimes in. As a lover for fashion, beauty, and motivation, Pumps and Lipstick was born to express her love for her favorite things. For more on the blogger, click here (link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n3Rkw5HIJk).

1. Glitter Nails
I’m a sucker for anything and everything shiny and sparkly. I’m not the most adventurous in the nail art craze, but I won’t think twice about slapping on some psychedelic glitter on my finger tips.
2. Travel – Playa Flamenco, Culebra (Puerto Rico)
My favorite beach in the entire world is Playa Flamenco. When I want to escape for a second, I close my eyes and take myself back to the teeny weeny island off of Puerto Rico with stretches white sand and clear blue, warm water. You have to take a 45 min ferry just to get to the majestic island, which keeps the beautiful beach crowd-fee. I must get there this year!
3. Pumps – Guiseppe Zanotti
Last week I took a looky-loo at my closet– my shoe game more specifically. I came to the conclusion that a vibrant new pair of pumps are in order. I love the color and texture of these beauties and who can say ‘no’ to a crystal embellished heel? This pop of vibrant, orangy-red is a perfect shade to add that ‘pow’ and put the cherry on top.

4. Ear Cuff
I’m really happy to see ear cuffs make a comeback. I remember back in the day sporting smaller cuffs with peace and love signs engraved in them when I was a tween. This cuff here takes over the entire ear! What a statement to say the least!

5. Celeb Icon – Beyonce
I’m a huge Beyonce fan. I’ve followed her from her days in Destiny’s Child with 4 members to 3 and her solo debut. Stalking her Tumblr and Instagram photos are one of my favorite past times and I’m excited for her performances, documentary and music to debut this year. She’s such a chameleon with her style: super glam one day to artsy cool the next and she loves to throw a lil’ ratchet every once in a while. How could you not love her?!

6. Fringe
Movement in any look makes my heart pitter-patter and captures my attention as I’m watching the long strips of leather swish on by. One of the easiest forms of movement is fringe. Whether you’re adding a wee bit of fringe on a cross body purse or adding a full wingspan on a leather jacket, I can’t get enough.

7. Makeup – Matte Lips
I’m usually a shiny, super-glossy lip type of girl. Like Keak Da Sneak, I “put it on thick like M.A.C lip gloss”. But this year I’m open to changing my game with matte lips. The key to keeping my sanity with the look is lip liner. There’s no way I can rock a matte lip with lipstick not staying in its place. No crackly lips for me!

8. Juicing
I just finished a 21-day cleanse that consisted mainly of juicing vegetables. I wanted to get rid of all the toxins I put into my body with the terrible foods and loads of alcohol from the holiday season and unhealthy lifestyle choices I made in 2012. Juicing challenges myself in more ways than I could think of and I’m so happy that I completed it for the second time in my life and will continue to do this cleanse every year for the rest of my life. After the cleanse, I realize how strong I am and wonder what else I can push myself to do to become a stronger, better me. Plus, I lost 18 pounds… what a great way to start the year, right?!
Xio8(HeyNiceNails.com, MyDestination.com, Fashion Copius, Beauty Banter, Beyonce.com, Washington Post, The It List)


3 thoughts on “Eight Things Xio Loves Today

  1. thekittchen says:

    Wow. I am so proud of you for sticking with it on the juicing. Can you give me some more info? I tried a raw food and juice cleanse and it was really hard for me. Did you only have juice? Or did you incorporate some food? Congrats on loosing 18 pounds, that is an incredible accomplishment (especially to do so in 21 days!!!).

    • Xiomara says:

      Thanks so much! I did the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox cleanse. It consisted of juicing veggies and making veggie soups. Unfortunately, it didn’t incorporate any solid food. It was tough in the beginning, but after day 5, I just got used to it (thank God!). Some people I know would eat half an apple, orange or banana when they had an extreme craving.

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