Eight Things FawkesHunter Loves Today

This week’s Eight Things is brought to you on behalf of FawkesHunter.

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I’m a lifelong fashion-phile who took a 10-year detour as a PR girl before becoming a full-time stylist and author of the blog Fawkeshunter. My style philosophy is that fashion should be fun, everyone should feel confident in their clothes and the most important part of making it work is making it work for you, It guides me as I help men and women find their style through personal and editorial styling work. In addition to Fawkeshunter, I share my style savvy as a contributor at Diablo Magazine and hand-picked member of Stacy London’s network of personal stylists. When I’m not styling, you can most likely find me shopping, sunworshipping or studying celebrity gossip. Sometimes all three at once.

1. Layered Rings and Arm Candy
I was a HUGE disciple of statement everything and own a large collection of large rings and bracelets. Now, I’m realizing the better way to make my wrists and digits stand out is to layer lots of small sparkles all over, like my arm candy muse Aimee Song. I’m actively building a revamped hand and wrist wardrobe of layerable bling. My latest addition is C Wonder’s Hearts Aflutter Cuff, a gift from my hubby. Aww.


2.Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful Stylists Issue
Celebrity styling isn’t necessarily one of my aspirations as a stylist, but I am branching out and styling more editorial work. Studying up on the careers of fab influencers, like Erin Walsh, who styles my latest Style Crush Kerry Washington, for inspiration this week.

3. Candy Pastels
I love bright colors and am so happy Spring’s usually soft pastels have been replaced with these vibrant hues this year. Candy pastels are great for a punch of color in a look, but think it’s even more fun to pair them together  like I did in a recent Weekend Rulebreaker for my Foxes, the nickname I give to my readers.
4. Hyperflorals

Hands-down my favorite pattern this season. I’m dying to mix them up with the candy pastels I’m loving  and, while I beef up those colors in my wardrobe, have been pattern mixing with two of my fave pieces from last season. Chances are if you’ve hung out with me lately, you’ve seen this combo. I wear it a lot!!

5. Eco-Chic
I’m planning an eco-chic style event with my friends at Cloud 9 Organic Salon in the East San Francisco Bay Area (join us April 13!) and have been researching sustainable fashion for it. The number of super-chic and eco-conscious style choices out there is growing really rapidly and I’m excited to integrate awareness of them into my blog and styling services.
6. March Madness
Anyone who knows me knows I am a die-hard USC Girl and Trojan fan, with one exception. Basketball. I went to grad school at Georgetown and my very first grown-up job was working for the Hoya Basketball team.  I love that program and am expecting big things from JT3 and the boys this NCAA Tourney. Hoya Saxa!
7. The Cycle on MSNBC
My days as a PR girl made me a news junkie and this show is my favorite shot of the stuff. I love how it features young, smart, hip commentators (they’re stylish too, seriously!) with different political views debating issues. No snoozy newsfolks here. I love the show so much, I DVR it in case I can’t take a break to watch at noon. I’m such a dork.

The Cycle - Season 2012
8. My Dogs
This is an everyday obsession. McLovin (right) and Barkley (left) are the cutest, cuddliest co-workers ever.


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