Eight Things Pink Julep Loves Today

This week’s Eight Things is brought to you on behalf of Pink Julep.

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Ashley Turner is the Editor & Founder of the lifestyle blog Pink Julep. Born & raised in Eastern Kentucky, she is a graduate of the University of Miami and has since lived in New York City, The Cayman Islands and now calls London home.

1. Yayoi Kusama
Yayoi Kusama has been my favorite artist for years, long before her acclaimed collaboration with Louis Vuitton. I discovered her in 2007 when I was given the task at work of ordering a gift from Japan for a Kusama collector and I was immediately obsessed with everything about her and her beautiful art. Kusama’s art is representative of her halucinations and she has been living in a mental institution by choice for many years. She once said  “If it were not for art, I would have killed myself a long time ago.” I became a fan of Kusama because her art is visually appealing. I remain an inspired fan because I admire how she broke the boundaries of her strict upbringing in Japan and how she’s taken her hallucinations, something most would consider to be bad, and used them to create a career and beautiful art for the world to enjoy.
2. Diana Vreeland
Diana Vreeland was a little out of the ordinary – she simply had a different way of looking at things. She was at the forefront of fashion during the 20th Century, yet she was not beautiful or conventional. She also had a more well-rounded approach to fashion than anyone else I’ve ever heard about, looking at it as the perfect compliment to a wonderful life rather than the reason for living. My favorite D.V. quote is “It’s not about the dress you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the dress.” So true and very inspiring to me as a lifestyle blogger and a woman.
3. Diane Arbus
I saw the Nicole Kidman film about Diane Arbus and I was intrigued, but it wasn’t until shortly after I moved to London and saw Diane Arbus photos in person at the V&A that I really began to appreciate her amazing work. I love the way she captured beauty where most would find ugly, saw something familiar in the strange and made the ordinary extraordinary. Her photos are raw and honest – nothing fancy and no special effects. She is probably my favorite photographer.Pink3
4. Grace, a Memoir by Grace Coddington
I have only recently read Grace, a Memoir by Grace Coddington, but I’ve kept my copy as I suppose I’ll read it several more times. Grace is one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. I’m always inspired by people who see the world differently than I do – I’m intrigued by the way they think and how they put things together. The beginning chapters where Grace was making her own clothes and entertaining herself as a child in Wales are just as interesting as the chapters she writes about hobnobbing with celebrities and fashion stars at Vogue. She’s had this amazing journey because of who she is and how she works – the insight into all of that is breathtaking.Pink4
5. Red Poppy
Red Poppy by Georgia O’Keeffe has always been a favorite painting of mine. In fact, as a school girl, I was once assigned to do a dance about a painting and I chose this one. That’s how much I love it. The depth, the colors, everything about this painting is just beautiful and it reminds me that life is beautiful, but time is limited… It’s important to seize opportunities and take chances while we’re still in bloom.
6. Brigitte Bardot
This particular photo of Brigitte Bardot is my favorite and it definitely influences my beauty style. I love a natural look that’s a tiny bit enhanced. A bit of dark eyeliner balances her pale lips. Her hair is perfection – it looks like she rolled out of bed and threw a scarf around her head. Bardot made natural look sexy and chic!

7. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is the most hopeful, inspirational film I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s a film about making the impossible a reality, thinking outside the box and relationships between people from very different backgrounds. Besides all that, Emily Blunt’s wardrobe for the film is traditional, but beautiful and definitely a style inspiration for me.
8. Paris
I find everything about Paris inspirational from the street style to the food. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Paris last Autumn and everything about the culture is ideal – Parisians are masters at enjoying all life has to offer. Though Paris is a bustling city, the attitude is relaxed and life is simpler than you find in other major cities like New York or London. People really take care of themselves and make time to enjoy life. I try every day to put a little Paris in my life whether it’s sitting at the table for a nice meal with a bottle of wine, buying fresh bread in the morning or throwing a chic scarf around my neck and heading to a museum to take in something interestingly beautiful. Now that I live in London, it’s no big thing for me to go to Paris, so I’ve vowed to take a trip back whenever I need a recharge.Pink8


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