A Shower for Two

My good friend of 11 years was pregnant with twins this past summer and I offered to host her baby shower. She hit the baby jackpot with the twins, being pregnant with a boy and a girl. When I asked her if she had a specific theme in mind, she mentioned Thing 1 and Thing 2. Below are some of the photos of the decor from her party.


Whenever I want to get flowers for a party (or personal use), the Farmers Market is my go-to. You can’t beat the price for the amount of flowers you get. It’s also great to support local growers and it seems they always have the brightest, most beautiful bunches available.

The mama’s sister created the Thing 1, Thing 2 onesies! I made some felt and the take-homes were easy peasy marshmallows with colored sugar.


These cakes are adorable!


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