Capture the Color

I have been seeing the Capture the Color contest swarm blogs recently and decided to take part in the fun. I am not participating for the contest, but for the fun of the challenge. The assigned colors are red, blue, green, yellow, and white. Here is my take on capturing those colors.


Rothenburg, Germany; This photo was taken outside of my hotel room during my Germany trip of October 2012.


Rothenburg, Germany; Vibrant window panes while out exploring the streets.


Palm Springs, CA; This was a friend of the family’s house. I love the way Leroy (the adorable chocolate lab) contrasted so beautifully with the bright green leaves.


Los Angeles, CA; After hiking Runyon Canyon earlier this year, I noticed this message and was reminded to smile. The yellow is subtle, but it stands out the most to me.


Pismo Beach, CA; I love how this photo is overcome by the tranquility of white. It’s one of the most peaceful images I have ever taken.


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