Food Coma – Inked

Ink Eats and Drinks, Sacramento CA

I am a big brunch fan on the weekends as it combines two of my favorite things: great food and bottomless mimosas. I tried their Huevos Rancheros on my most recent visit, and was very satisfied with the layered dish. Many places make their the Huevos Rancheros entree different which is one of the reasons I don’t like ordering it, but on the recommendation of one of my best friends I decided to go for it. It was very good as you can see the cheese, sour cream freshly chopped tomato and onions texture the tortilla atop the black beans. Every bite was packed with a distinct combination of the whole entrée with a fresh and intact structure. This selection paired with great company and some bubbly made for a very memorable afternoon.
About the author: Paul Calderon

I am an enthusiast of many things, but most of all: taste.

Instagram: @paulrcalderon

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