Waikiki Beach 2014, or Why I Wish I Were an Island Girl

This month I escaped the cold of Sacramento and enjoyed the sun and sand of Hawaii.  I spent my time under the sun on Waikiki Beach and immediately fell in love. My Waikiki Bucket List consisted of: running on the beach (for my half marathon training), hiking Diamond Head and Lanikai Pillboxes, get on a paddleboard, attend a luau, and swim under a waterfall. I accomplished all of these, with the exception of the waterfall.20140119-091929.jpg


I had the most relaxing 6 days of my life full of reading, laying under the sun, and listening to the waves crash. Moments like the image featured below truly make me feel grateful for this incredible life of mine. I filled my days with activities that I wanted to do, but my best times were spent relaxing on the beach, reading The Happiness Project while eating Tim Tams. 20140119-091947.jpg



I can’t begin to describe the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets I witnessed. Hawaii definitely did not disappoint in that area! In fact, I wish all of my runs could be at 7am on Waikiki Beach.



I had such an amazing time on this trip! It truly was the perfect getaway.

Side note: These are only a handful of my pictures from my Hawaii trip. Check out more on my Instagram


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