Friday Faves: Coconut Oil, Stylish Throw Pillows, and a Coachella Packing List

It’s been an entire year since my last Friday Faves post which is so not okay! Don’t worry, these are on their way back!
*I’m posting this early as I will be at Coachella and away from my phone Friday*

What better way to get a jump on the weekend than by checking out my favorite links of the week?

I recently dove into the world of oil pulling, and it has been interesting to say the least. I don’t have substantive data yet, as I haven’t pulled every day, but I will keep you updated at a later time. The oil I chose to use for this not so tasty activity was coconut oil, as I heard it was the best tasting option. Now that I have a giant container of coconut oil sitting in my pantry, I want to find other uses for it. Yes Missy gives some awesome suggestions on how you can use coconut oil. And you know, you could always try out oil pulling.

I love anything loud and colorful, especially when it comes to home décor. These throw pillows Sechy’s Diary blogged about are gorgeous! I definitely will be placing an order soon.

I’m attending Coachella again and found this packing list by HauteTalk to be quite helpful. For any first time festival attendees, this list has what you need.


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