Friday Faves: 06.13.14

What better way to get a jump on the weekend than by checking out my favorite things of the week?



Warm-Chocolate-Chip-Cookie-stuffed-Soft-Pretzels-221How mouth watering does this chocolate chip pretzel look?! // via Half Baked Harvest


blooms-2You may have noticed from previous posts that I’m a huge fan of watercolor prints. I think they’re such a great way to lighten up a space. Here’s a great one. // The Sweetest Occasion


IMG_1618Mixing prints is a perfect way to step out of your wardrobe’s comfort zone. I have a serious fashion blogger crush on this look! PS: I recommend following her blog, this girl always brings it. // Over My Styled Body


photoI picked up this flyer during my stay in Sedona to remind me of this important message every day.



An image from my stay in Sedona. I can’t put into words how majestic and special that place is.


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