Friday Faves: 09.12.14

Friday Faves

What better way to get a jump on the weekend than by checking out my favorite links of the week?



4651e66454c29d2b05c6968d1f318d0fPound cake. Peaches and cream. PEACHES AND CREAM POUND CAKE. That is all. // Martha Stewart 


18dae51414bab925bc24c0b85020f3b2Now I know what to do with all of my glass jars and bottles. // P.S. – I Made This


46485ecee0c661a0637c46acba226ebbUgh. So good. So, so good. Christian Siriano, you slay. // FabSugar


e7e3ef767099fbe914569f72dd318febTrue that. // via Tumblr


f6fbe73d1f6c619fb1266731618ea55fThis has to be a dream… right? // via Flikr



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